Morris Capital Australia

Morris Capital Australia is a privately owned Australian company licenced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission AFSL: 484609. We have comprehensive market based experience in funds management with a known track record of success in FX and derivative markets. Morris Capital Australia’s fund management services are designed to make investment and trading decisions on your behalf. We are able to customise bespoke trading and investment portfolios to suit your risk profile and investment objectives.

We believe in the benefits of active investment management utilising a highly disciplined approach. We strive for out-performance, always seeking opportunities to maximise returns within our risk management frameworks.

Our Service

We provide Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) trading services across multiple financial asset classes.

Our team provides a dedicated focus on absolute returns for our clients via trading the world’s capital markets. We are also able to provide you with advisory services relating to Foreign Exchange exposures including hedging and managing risks associated with currency movements.

Investment Strategies

Morris Capital Australia offers access to both discretionary (fundamental and technical) macro strategies run by seasoned market professionals and also algorithmic strategies that employ systematic approaches to trading. These investment options can also be combined to achieve a diversified portfolio of trading strategies.

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Morris ST Futures

Strategy is a portfolio of intra-day algorithmic strategies trading a basket of 12 commodities, including agriculture, energy, equity index, & treasuries.

Morris Alpha

Short term systematic strategy utilizing pattern recognition and machine learning techniques which is overseen by two experienced fund management professionals.

Morris JL Macro

A discretionary macro program, utilising a combination of fundamental and technical analysis when deciding to place a position on a specific product. Portfolio Manager keeps himself updated on the latest political developments that are likely to affect a particular market price and keeps a close eye on the economic calendar of the day. Most of the trading centres on the US$/majors, but he also uses the FX crosses as well as various commodities, as/when he feels there is an opportunity to do so.

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